04 outubro 2019

6 Tips For Travelling With Kids!

Unlike all previous posts, this will be in English and I need warning you that I am not a writing professional  nor in Portuguese, can you imagine in English ?! but I decided to share with you for 2 reasons: 1 - because I believe the tips are really useful! I use it a lot when traveling with my kids, especially the international ones; 2- Because I was invited (YUPI!) by a newsletter team of my work to write some family travel tips and as it is a global magazine, it needs to be in English! That said, let me know of any errors and suggestions to improve the text, I would love to receive feedbacks and more travel tips with the kids !!! Also I am sharing some lovely travel photos we made. Enjoy it!

If you’re planning a family adventure, perhaps you can learn from our triumphs our failures. Here are my 6 tips for surviving and thriving an international family vacation with young ones.

1. Try to implement " slow travel" always and do not rush! Let this be your mantra irrespective of the stage of the trip. While planning your trip together, make sure you take care of all contingencies and keep a good time at each place to ensure that you are not rushing to reach somewhere else. This can easily happen when you happen to be late for your flight or your train. Be patient and calm wherever you are. This is an advantage when traveling by RV (recreational vehicle) for those who like it, of course. We don't have to change "home / hotel" every city and we get rid of a lot of tiring check ins and check outs.
Lake Louise - Rocky Mountains Canada

Our Breakfast  - Camping Jasper - Canada

Stop to appreciate the view of Douro route  - Portugal

2. Choose homes whenever possible! Of course, this is a personal and family choice, but in general traveling with children, especially small ones, requires you to have a better meal. In addition, cooking can save you money, and you'll still can explore local cuisine as well, not only by going to local restaurants, but at the supermarket to buy ingredients and prepare your own food. A hotel does have its benefits, taking care of numerous activities for you. But having a home all to yourself can give you the freedom to make it as comfortable as you want it to be and bring a sense of absolute privacy as well. Do give this some good thought.

Beautiful and fascinating Denali National Park tour - Alaska

Lovely bears 

Breathtaking Sunset - Lisboa- Portugal
3. Identify Your Child! Some parents might find this too much, but it is beneficial for your child and for you!. No matter how well you plan, children are random variables. Make sure to put an identity on your child, which has all the details one might require to contact you, should your child stray away. It can be a temporary tattoo of sorts, label on clothing, ID bracelet, especially in another language like English, and if you will visit very crowded places like parks.
Diving - Thailand

Cruise America advertisement boys ( #sqn)

Jasper - Canada

Amazing: We visited the bus of the movie: Into the Wild!

Frisbee play break
4- Research a lot about Your Trip Locations: information and knowledge is worth gold!! Travelling to an exotic place might be on your plans, but there might be certain precautions you would discover only after landing there. These could range from the propensity for certain diseases or visa-related rules that you were initially unaware of. Educate yourself thoroughly around these. Always take along with you the most important medicines your child is used to. It is important to take along the pediatrician / doctor's prescription as well, if possible in English. Take travel and health insurance. Check also with your pediatrician to verify the need of additional vaccines or if the schedule for certain vaccines should be speeded up

Railay beach sunset

Lovely Child -  Chiang Mai


James Bond Island

Hoi An - Vietnan

Cambodia and Angkor Temples

5- Keep your documents safe and choose backpacks. Copy (scan) all your important documents (passports, international vaccination card, driving license). If it is lost, especially in another country, it will be easier to be able to issue a duplicate. Now a days even as a matter of economy, it is not wise to carry too much luggage. Especially with children, the backpack is great because you have your hands free! very practical!


Adventure - Campos do Jordao - SP

Trail - Huerquehue National Park - Pucon - Chile


Banf - Canada

6- Have fun and enjoy your trip!  Always involve children in travel arrangements! You can show some pictures of the place, fauna (who usually attract the little ones), sports that they like. Also take, especially for the plane, train, extra snacks, and "small" toys to entertain children. Fit into the schedule, free time in the parks to enjoy nature, for example, is very pleasing to children (and parents can enjoy resting).
Constantly thinking about the plan and the issues and problems don't make for a good vacation. Remember to let go of constant control and go with the flow occasionally.  Remembering a few tips for traveling with young children can help you in numerous ways to face stressful situations that might arise before or during your trip. Your trip may not necessarily be problem-free, but you will always be able to handle it better and make it a vacation everyone will remember.

Madeira Island - Portugal

Madeira island natural pools - Portugal

kayaking - Iguaçu Falls

Iguaçu Falls - Brazil

Melgaço Castle - Portugal

Serra da Estrela - Portugal

unforgettable douro river
Hope you enjoyed! Share your travel tips with your kids out there! See you later!

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